Burn Notice clip

Domestic Enemies coverMy books have been used as set props on Burn Notice, which I think is pretty cool. The way it was pitched to me was, "What kind of books would Michael Weston be reading in his warehouse loft?"


Caravan to Midnight -- starts about 15 minutes in.


Alas, Brave New Babylon

Alas, Brave New Babylon

"Alas, Brave New Babylon", narrated by Alaskan radio talk show host Michael Dukes.

The Alienork Way

Alienork Way

"The Alienork Way", narrated Michael Dukes

Bill Martinez Live

January 20, 2014: Bill Martinez Live Part 1

January 20, 2014: Bill Martinez Live Part 2

Thomas Hayes Morrison Show

January 31, 2013: Matt on the the Thomas Hayes Morrison Show, Star 99.5Am, Gainesville, FL, This is a clean 45-minute commercial-free edited tape, recorded in the studio for high quality audio.

EFAD Radio Spots

A pair of 30-second EFAD radio spots. Imagine, they were created in 2004!

USA Transnational Report

USA Transnational Report 1-9-2016 with guest Matthew Bracken.